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The Story

In the 1940’s in Geneva Switzerland, Mr. Boubier developed a famous Sauce and named his restaurant aſter it: Café de Paris

His idea was to focus on one product (his secret sauce) and one cut of meat (L’Entrecôte). Some great desserts were also added but no appetizers. The formula took off immediately and was set for success.

Oſten imitated but never matched, the restaurant concept stayed unique until 1959, when a certain Paul Ginest de Saurs, a vineyards owner, acquired a restaurant (Le Relais de Venise) in Paris to help selling his wine.

He transformed the restaurant into a steak and fries bistro, emulating the Café de Paris concept and sauce from Geneva.

This time the sauce was close enough to the original Geneva recipe and the restaurant was an immediate success. For various reasons, oſten linked to the popularity of Paris as a food destination, le Relais de Venise restaurant gained popularity for beyond that of the Café de Paris restaurant in Geneva.

At Le Boeuf, you will experience the original Café de Paris sauce and the way it has been served for the last 75 years! Enjoy!